Mission and Values

Our mission is to promptly and effectively help you minimize employee conflicts and maximize employee productivity.  Meeting this mission is our passion.

Our values are the driving force that binds us together, that makes us who we are as individuals and makes Vantage Legal what it is.  Who we are reflects our five core values:  Excellence, Teamwork, Flexibility, Integrity and Fairness.

Excellence.  Excellence is the standard to which we hold every Vantage Legal employee and lawyer.  By hiring individuals with a personal standard of excellence, it has become part of our character, and collectively, it is our True North.

We embody our commitment to excellence in the concept of “A-game”.  This means that we consistently deliver work that is accurate, complete, error-free, insightful and timely.

Teamwork.  We partner with our clients to offer a “continuity of care” from proactive advice and counsel on workplace matters to collaboration with your outside counsel to provide effective litigation support. We are one of your team members and we ensure that your internal team can operate as efficiently and effectively as we do.  We devote appropriate time to knowledge transfer for each client, ensuring that the work we do is of the highest quality and benefits you in the short- and long-term.

Flexibility.  We are flexible.  We meet clients at their point of need and we do the same for our team. If you are wondering whether we can help in a particular workplace matter, we probably can. If not, we can refer to you someone who can.

Integrity. We operate with integrity. Period.

Fairness. The work we do gives our clients great value at a fair price.  We know what we know and we will always be forthcoming and transparent.  If we do not think we can give you the best value, we will tell you.

At Vantage Legal, we don’t just talk about mission and values—we believe in them. We live them as an organization and as individuals every day. For ourselves and for our clients. This is who we are. We are Vantage Legal.