Vantage Legal’s Investigations services provide you with prompt, effective and objective investigations when you face internal complaints of improper workplace conduct. Clients find our investigation services useful in a variety of contexts, particularly those situations where HR or senior staff are accused of wrongdoing, where there is likely to be publicity around the claim, or when internal staff are inadequately positioned to provide this service.

Our investigators are experienced employment litigators, allowing us to conduct prompt and precise investigations that capture key information relevant to make sound factual and credibility determinations. We report these determinations to you or your outside counsel, thereby helping you make informed business decisions to promptly and effectively remedy the situation.

We are very proud that, to date, all investigations conducted by Vantage have resulted in mutually acceptable conclusions to issues raised. However, should the issues raised in the investigation escalate, Vantage will provide confident and credible testimony regarding the objectivity of the investigative process, the thoroughness of our factual findings and the reasonableness of the conclusions reached.