Vantage provides successful defense in unemployment compensation claim

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Situation: A medical practice client was faced with an unemployment claim from a former employee who was discharged for excessive absenteeism, in violation of a company policy.

Goal: To provide advocacy to the employer-client to successfully defend a claim for unemployment and thus, avoid an increase to their contribution rate.

Process: Upon receipt of the Notice of Claim, Vantage Legal managed the entire process by:

  • Interviewing and fact-gathering with the client and relevant witnesses
  • Obtaining and reviewing relevant documents
  • Preparing and submitting  a comprehensive response with the relevant supporting documents
  • Preparing the client witnesses  for the hearing, discussing the legal standard and the appropriate strategy
  • Aggressively advocating the client’s position at the hearing

Results: The client won the case, thereby avoiding any benefit charges and a costly increase to their contribution rate.